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Instant Preparation – Ready to eat in 3 minutes

No preservatives Added, completely natural

Just heat and Eat


It is prepared using mutton, whole spices and dals which are mashed well using a masher which gives it a perfect taste. It is incomplete without pure ghee. High in calories and very nutritious, it’s the perfect meal to break one’s fast with. Haleem is traditionally prepared in ‘Bhattis’ or brick-and-mud ovens, during the holy month of Ramadan. It is a slow-cooked delicacy, often cooked for 7-8 hours and is done on firewood.

Thanks to Ambrosia Foods, now Haleem is available in two variants, mutton and Chicken. It can be ordered round the clock 365 days a year, it is packaged in  ready to eat pouches and trays and has a shelf life of one year at room temperature with no preservatives or chemicals added.